Welcome to TAFONI!

Following the successful inagural pop-up 'Once Upon an Azeemah'; Tafoni brings its secoind installament of immersive retail experiences titled "Commencing Tomorrow" curated by Rae Joseph.

About the Concept

 In designing the second retail pop-up at Tafoni, Rae Joseph was inspired by the major advancements taking place in the Kingdom, particularly in the creative field where she believes the Kingdom is currently experiencing a true creative renaissance. In this retail experience, The Design Space in AlJadidah will be transformed into an art gallery in the future where visitors will be transported to their future selves utilising augmented reality videos and AI-generated images as soon as they walk in. Once inside, visitors will immerse themselves in the creative accomplishments of today’s Saudi Arabia but from the perspective of their future self. Rae hopes that this retrospective and futuristically-nostalgic approach will lead visitors to a deeper understanding of the impact these accomplishments have on our story as Saudi people in the long run.  

The space will host cutting-edge Saudi retailers who are spearheading the creative renaissance in Saudi Arabia today (Click Here to read more about our retailers). The selection will include ready to wear, jewellery, accessories  and beauty products. In addition to the retail aspect, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy live art installations by one of Saudi’s rising stars in the art world, Lama AlShenaifi (AKA “idontgiveablahClick Here) which were commissioned for our store, and a musical performance by up-and-coming Saudi DJs 3inShams (Click Here). Before our visitors exit, they will get to experience the conceptual room at the end where we address the question "what is the key to our future?" and how that intersects with our roots and identity as Saudi people. 

"I hope you enjoy experiencing this soace as much as I enjoyed creating it  for you.

With love and magic, 

Rae Joseph"

The Retail Journey

Our shoppers will enter throigh our main Foyer where they will be greeted withalternating mirrors and artifical intelligence (AI) generated imagery referencing the future of AlUla and Saudi Arabia. At the end of the Foyer, visitors can experience our augentmnted relaity (AR) video using the QR Codes placed in the Foyer, which showcases our Curator greeting the them and explaining the concept and the different retail elemnts of the store.

Once visitors pass through the Foyer, they will enter our main Retail Area. This space will include ready-to-wear, fine jewlery, accessories, and beauty products. Our retail partners in this area are some the most up-and-coming Saudi brands who are known for their forward-looking and conceptual approach in creating their pieces. The ready-to-wear items will be displayed on clothing racks on the right and left side of the Retail Area. The racks were custom-made to pay homage to AlUla mountains as their design mimics the flow of AlUla mountains. The non-hangable products will be displayed in the central tables, which were cutsom-made in the shape of a Tafoni (the envirmental effect on rocks which is prevelent in AlUla and inpsired the name of our store). On the remaining sides of the Retail Room, we will have a screen-wall which will play a looping video of our retail partners campaigns. 

Once our visitors are done shopping, the can pass by our last room which is the Immersive Room designed to address the question "What is the key to our future?" and how that intersects with our roots and identity as Saudi people. The answer will depend of the experience of each visotor.