Photos featuring 1954 Vintage pieces curated by Rae Joseph for Property of the photos belongs to Ounass.

1954 Vintage

1954 Vintage, previously 1954 by Rae Joseph, is a luxury vintage fashion house based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Rae served as the Head Curator and General Manager for 1954 Vintage. Through her work with the brand, Rae was able to pioneer the fashion market by introducing the first vintage fashion house to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. Under her leadership, the brand broke the glass ceiling by bringing vintage fashion to major retailers for the first time in the region, including Ounass and Farfetch.

Rae's curation for the brand helped popularize vintage fashion in her home country on a mainstream level and her pieces were admired by celebrities and customers alike. Her work with the brand was celebrated by international publications such as Vogue Business, as well as regional magazines such as Vogue Arabia, Harper's Bazaar Arabia, Marie Claire Arabia, and Mille World, to name a few.

Rae's quest for vintage fashion and love for working and styling vintage pieces continues till today as she collaborates with premier retailers in the Gulf to bring vintage fashion closer to their customers and allow them to experience its beauty firsthand.