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"Rae Thinks is a podcast of the culture for the culture. "


Rae Thinks is a pop culture podcast focusing on modern day topics with a celebration of local roots. The show is hosted by Rae Joseph and aims to be an umbrella show that discusses all matters that create “culture” in our society - including:

  • Beauty: fashion, art and cultural heritage.

  • Mind: intellectual and social matters affecting our everyday life.

  • Soul: mindfulness in light of struggles of contemporary life.


As podcasts increase in popularity in the region, Rae Thinks intends to fill in a gap in the podcast world with the topics it discusses and the audience it is targeting.

Rae decided to launch her personal podcast as she firmly believes in the benefit of discussing things out loud and hearing each other out as a society. This is particularly important nowadays as our society is undergoing major changes in all fields which are long awaited but require collective discussions to fully understand them and enhance the value they aim to achieve.


The show will feature solo episodes as well as interviews with some of the region's top up-and-coming figures across different cultural fields.

Through this podcast, Rae hopes that she and her guests will represent people in her country who are filled with passion for fashion and art; who are proud of their cultural heritage yet carry a global perspective; who want to voice their opinions on relevant social matters and contribute to the social narrative.


Although the show will discuss topics of varying depth and complexity, the approach will be consistent: light, conversational and down-to-earth. Rae’s unpretentious and naturally flowing thoughts coupled with her sense of humor and curated guests promise to create a podcast which will be food for thought in a light hearted and fun manner.

Rae thinks is a passion project of Rae Joseph. Through this show, she hopes to build bridges within society by taking cultural conversations from private social settings to a public platform in a manner that is informative, fun and easy to digest. Her vision is to have an open dialogue between different circles within society to deepen our understanding of each other and of the trends happening in our society, especially in light of the wonderful changes the Kingdom has been witnessing.

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