Why Once Upon a Azeema? Well, when we look back at our history in the Kingdom, we often focus on our distant past; our near past is often overlooked. And even though some parts of our near past may not have been the most socially falttering in our history, a lot of beauty came out of it. When I was curating this concept, I wanted to address this gap and tap into our nostalgic memories; ones that we all relate to, ones that unite us. In this space we will take you back to a gathering or “Azeema” in a traditional Saudi household in the period between 1980-2000. For our local visitors, this space will take you back to familiar memories of your past, triggering that sweet warm feeling inside that we all recognize. For our non-local visitors, this walk-through will shed light on a chapter of our story as Saudi people, giving you access to part of who we were then, which is monumental to who we are now.

Retail Journey

As you walk through the space, you will get an opportunity to shop from our retail partners who were carefully curated for each room of this concept. The sequence of our retail experience is as follows:

We will start with the Majlis where you will shop our formal wear, jewellery and home decor pieces; then we move to the Dining Room “Mugallat” where you will find our kitchenware and home decor products. After that, we invite you to enjoy our incense or bukhoor in the Bukhoor Corner and shop local mabakher from our retailers, replicating the staple post-dinner Saudi tradition. After enjoying the Azeema experience, we will then take you to the “behind the scenes" of getting ready for a Azeema in the bedroom and dressing room. In the Bedroom, you will find our skincare, perfumes and beauty products on the vanity as well as our home decor pieces on the shelves. In the Dressing Room, you will be able to shop a wide variety of our menswear, womenswear and accessories collections. From there, we move to our Jewellery Room “Tujoori”, in this space you will be able to shop the finest jewellery pieces from our fine jewellery retailers. Lastly, in the Powder Room you will be able to shop our hygiene products and skincare.

Before you leave, make sure to snap a photo at our Photo Studio which will be fully set as a 1990s photography studio, drawing inspiration from iconic photography studios such as Studio Zamani. Once you exit the store, feel free to enjoy our Outdoor Seating and TVs which will be showing music clips and shows true to the time period we are drawing inspiration from.

وحياكم الله

With love & magic

Rae Joseph